April 2015 - 10 on 10 - Barrie, Ontario Photographer
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Monday, April 13, 2015
By Liisa
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This month's 10 on 10 personal project features the most adorable friendship.  My daughter Grace (age 4) and her best boy friend Sam (age 4) met while in diapers at daycare. Right away Miss Erica, our home daycare provider, recognized the connection these two have.  I always looked forward to hearing her stories about how these two were connected at the hip, how they played house together, or how at three years of age they held hands watching a movie.

It was a big deal when Grace started JK and was no longer going to Erica's.  As a result, Sam's mom and I have made sure to get these two together as much as possible.  They currently take swimming lessons together - something Grace looks forward to every week.

Grace always asks about Sam and includes him in her day-to-day discussions.  Recently, I received a text message from Sam's mom that nearly melted my heart.  Sam and his mom were slow dancing and he asked his mom to bend down. When she did, Sam whispered, "When Gracie and I are older are we going to get married?"  Such an adorable and innocent question coming from such a sweet, sweet boy.  

Who knows what the future holds for these two?  For now, his mom and I are enjoying the happiness their friendship brings to our hearts.

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Do you remember your first BFF?  Or does your child have a special bond with someone?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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Liisa Sefton - That's such a great story Heather! There is nothing like your first BFF!
Heather - This is so adorable!! I surely remember my first BFF! I miss her dearly but we are still friends on Facebook if you can imagine that!
Kylie D - How adorable!!!! They are just the sweetest two little cherubs. My Sam met his love of his life at daycare when they were 2 and they are still besties now and at school together... Kx
Robyn - These are adorable! Simple and perfect! I know they will cherish these when they're older! So happy to have you on board!
Tamsin Lambert - O.M.G. this was so heartwarming and sweet and cute cute cute! I only hope my little finds a bond like that with a friend...or at least with his brother.
Miss Erica - OMG!!!!! In the 18 or so years doing Daycare ,no two have bonded as these two.
If they don't end up as Mr and Mrs together ......they will most definitely end up life time friends.
I do miss them so very much.

A special bond of friendship I was lucky enough to of experienced
Sarah - OMG those kids are sooooooo CUTE!!!! Well done!!

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