Baby Piper - 6 days old - Barrie Newborn Photographer
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Friday, May 23, 2014
By Liisa
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Baby Piper was just six days old when these photos were taken... As much as I absolutely love them (or maybe it's the subject) I think I was a little too ambitious in my attempt.  Six days post c-section, I knew I would only be capable of one set-up. I took it easy, took my time, and accepted all the help my three-year-old was willing to give me.  I'm so happy to have these images of Piper that I took myself, but I have to admit that I probably wouldn't photograph my own newborn again (not that we're having any more children).  As good as she was, every time I came near her to fix her position, or adjust her hand, she would immediately lift her head and start rooting, or trying to suck on her arm. She knew her mommy was near and was only interested in one thing.  This made posing a bit more of a challenge and made my "single set-up" shoot a lot longer than it should have been.  

The photographer in me was wanting to plan all the ways that I could photograph my tiny beautiful baby girl. Thankfully, two wonderful photographer friends photographed Piper in her second week.  This totally took the pressure off me and allowed me to simply enjoy my newest bundle.  I'm so thankful for Laura Reive's beautiful gently posed newborn style, and Jennifer Gilbert's fresh lifestyle approach to a family newborn session.  Piper just may be the most photographed baby in town, but I'm the lucky mom who will have these images to cherish forever... moments frozen in time... I'm truly blessed.

Here is our precious Piper at six days old.  And by the way, to celebrate her arrival we're having a product sale!  Click here for details on that.


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