Fun Rainy Family Session - Carpe Diem Apple Orchard, Barrie, ON
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
By Liisa Sefton
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Cold, rainy and super fun is how I would describe this session at Carpe Diem Apple Orchard in Barrie, Ontario. 

 The forecast was bad.  In fact, the weather was cold and rainy all week long. Nicole and I discussed re-scheduling briefly, but soon realized that she no longer had any weekends available - I didn't either for that matter.  We texted each other on this chilly and wet morning and decided to go full steam ahead... and I'm so glad we did.

One thing that I learned on this day is that the farm property at Carpe Diem has recently been annexed by the City of Barrie.  It's one of the only apple orchards in our area and I can't imagine this beautiful family owned property being developed.  Hopefully the land and this historic piece of property will stay as is, and we can continue to enjoy the many fruits of their labour.  If you haven't been, you should really stop by their retail store at 1012 Yonge Street in Barrie.  On the evening of this session, my husband and I ate some of the best apple pie around!

Thanks Nicole, for choosing me to photograph your family.  I loved it!  Even if I got a bit wet haha.  Thanks for lending me an umbrella - you came well prepared!



Barrie Photographer 1

Barrie Photographer 2

Barrie Photographer 2a

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