Halfway To One Year - Tiffin Conservation Centre
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Sunday, July 15, 2012
By Liisa Sefton
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This is the third time I've photographed this little guy (well, sort of... the first time he was in his mom's tummy) as part of my 'Watch Me Grow' package.  This is what 6-months of cuteness looks like!

Jordan contacted me with a location idea - The Tiffin Conservation Area - what a beautiful place for hiking, learning, and spending the day. This was the perfect location for this shoot because this is where Jordan and Keri got engaged!  So, little guy, this is where it all started for you : )

I can't wait to see you again for your 9-month session!


Barrie, Ontario Photographer--4

Barrie, Ontario Photographer--3

Barrie, Ontario Photographer--5

Barrie, Ontario Photographer--8

Barrie, Ontario Photographer-2

Barrie, Ontario Photographer--9

Barrie, Ontario Photographer-3

Barrie, Ontario Photographer--12

Barrie, Ontario Photographer--7

Barrie, Ontario Photographer--10

Barrie, Ontario Photographer-

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