May 2015 - Ten on Ten - Piper's First Birthday Photos
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
By Liisa
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I brought this month's 10 on 10 Personal Project to the studio and photographed my youngest daughter's first birthday portraits. Piper's birthday was on Mother's Day this year.  Celebrating both days together brought me back to this time last year when I spent Mother's Day in the hospital. Welcoming our third daughter to the family was such a lovely time for all of us.  I'll never forget how gentle and sweet her older sisters were that day... It was only a matter of time before they started smothering her and fighting over her.

For Piper's first birthday portraits I knew I wanted to keep things simple.  Just a few pearl balloons taped to the studio floor. I photographed her without anyone to assist.  This was my first mistake.  Despite my efforts, she would not stay in position and it was a constant game of placing her and running back to my camera.  When I asked her "nicely" to STAY... she would just complain and make faces at me.  Luckily the balloons were a good distraction and I managed to capture her funny little personality. She's feisty and knows what she wants.  She loves attention.  She cuddles her blanky when she's tired and she always makes us smile.  Piper is one.

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Heather - Look at those faces!! So sweet.
Robyn - oh my gosh!!! how sweet is she and these photos, they are so beautiful! i loved her duck face shot! i can hear her saying "oh no you did-ent" hahah!!!
Sarah - Wow great job! Especially with no help lol. I love how perfectly and simply you styled everything.
Tamsin Lambert - Oh my gosh, they are all so cute! The one with her dress over her face is my favourite. I just want to squish her little chubbs Liisa.
Liisa Sefton - Thank you Peg!
Peg Punkney - Beautiful photos! You are so talented

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