Not everyone has to love cake - Barrie, Ontario Photographer
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Wednesday, May 02, 2012
By Liisa Sefton
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For many children, their first birthday represents a whole bunch of new birthday-related experiences...  birthday presents, a birthday party, the birthday song, and sweet yummy birthday cake!  But not everyone likes cake.  I would say that forty percent of my cake smash sessions are with adorable children who just don't like cake.  They don't want to taste it, or touch it, or have anything to do with it.  Who can blame them, really?  "You want me to what? Put my hands in cake and get it all over me?"  I totally get where they're coming from... But it makes for darn cute photos in the meantime.  This little guy was a little mover... the chair helped keep him contained.  He was a great sport, but just didn't like cake.  And that's okay!  Here are a few of my favourites: 


Barrie Photographer 1

Barrie Photographer 2

Barrie Photographer 3

Barrie Photographer 4 Barrie Photographer 5

Barrie Photographer 6

Barrie Photographer 7Barrie Photographer 8

Barrie Cake Smash Photographer 1


Barrie Cake Smash Photographer 4

Barrie Cake Smash Photographer 3

Barrie Cake Smash Photographer 5

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