Totally Cute at 6-Months old - Barrie Baby Photographer
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Saturday, May 19, 2012
By Liisa Sefton
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Almost a full year ago, I photographed Danae's Country Maternity Session (Click HERE to see it)Last month, I photographed her adorable 6-month-old happy baby boy.  If you know Danae, and follow her on facebook, you'll see that this little guy is no stranger to themed photo shoots. I love when Danae and her mom post new photos and can't wait to see what they will come up with next.

Photographs are such a precious way to document our children's lives.  I encourage everyone to get out your cameras as much as you can and capture your kids while they're so little.  I need to follow my own advice, and start photographing my own kids a little more... You know, when they're quietly reading a book, or swinging each other around the living room... or when my oldest is running down the hallway pulling my youngest by the arm, squealing with delight...or when one is yelling at the other because of a stolen toy...or when they compete against each other sticking out their tongues... and especially when they're sitting peacefully on the couch cozying up to daddy... THESE are the moments that don't last forever and it's sad to think that kids grow up so quickly.  I love how Danae is capturing these moments and I was so happy to give her and Mike an opportunity to get in FRONT of the camera too... for some family portraits.  Here are some of my favourites:



Barrie Photographer--3

Barrie Photographer-

Barrie Photographer

Barrie Photographer--4

Barrie Photographer--2

Barrie Photographer-1356

Barrie Photographer--9

Barrie Photographer--8

Barrie Photographer--7

Barrie Photographer--6

Barrie Photographer--5

Barrie Photographer-2

Barrie Photographer--15

Barrie Photographer--14

Barrie Photographer--13

Barrie Photographer--12

Barrie Photographer--11

Barrie Photographer--17

Barrie Photographer--16

Barrie Ontario Photographer

Barrie Ontario Photographer 2
Barrie Ontario Photographer 1

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Liisa Sefton - Doesn't time fly Danae? I love these six month photos of Declan. He's so cute!
Danae Sutton - I'm covering reception at work today...with nothing to i googled my name and these came up. What a nice surprise to revisit these amazing pics of Declan at six months. :)
Donna Creighton - Lissa you have once again done a wonderful job. I LOVE these pictures, thank you.

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