Newborn Portrait Accreditation Submission - Liisa Sefton Images

Awarded July 2013 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

An Accreditation is achieved by submitting ten images in a chosen category to a PPOC Board of Review. All ten images must be accepted by a panel of national judges for it to be awarded. The judges consider the following criteria: Impact, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Centre of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Quality, Technique, and Story Telling.  Here are the ten images I submitted for my Newborn Portrait Accreditation.


Criteria: To be considered a 'newborn' the child must be no more than 12 days old. Submit 10 images, from 10 different newborn sessions, with 10 different settings (i.e. background and props) with 10 different newborns. Include a variety of poses with usage of appropriate props and settings. Include one relational image with the newborn and either siblings or parents with the main emphasis on the newborn. Also, include one or two images of twins or triplets, not necessarily related.